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Creative Traveller 

Design your own bespoke program to
transforming your life through creativity

Finding Clarity, Passion, and Purpose

Creativity & Creative Problem solving


Creative Mindmapping and Pathways Mastery

Creative Vision Boards Mastery 

Workshops -In-person and in small groups

For individuals and organisations

1:1 online or in person

Professional Development & Team Building

Cultural Consultancy

Community Engagement & Consultation

Co-Design -Projects

Cultural Strategy & Cultural Research 

Project Management

Exhibition & Curatorial Projects

Cultural Programming & Event Management

Art Project Evaluation

For schools, communities, and organizations

Course and Program Design

Developing art educational resources


Cross-cultural art programs

Exploring and teaching creativity 

For children and adults

Eco-Arts Workshops

Elements of Design



Support for artists, organisations and companies managing  arts and cultural projects


For schools, communities and organizations

Designing workshops

Course and Program Design

Developing art educational resources,

kits and public programs 

Facilitating and Teaching art workshops

Cross-cultural art programs

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