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Creative Mentoring

Providing Support ,  Collaboration and Partnerships

What is a creative mentor and what are the benefits?

Often we have so many ideas for projects, passions and interests but can get overwhelmed about how can we fit it all in our life.

A Creative Mentor can support and guide you to bring clarity, focus and accountability. A trusted person who you can help navigate and bring fresh and different perspectives by teaching you about creativity and creative problem solving techniques. I can introduce you to new strategies, networks and free resources.

A Creative Mentor can help you understand better to value your skills and talents so you can effectively design,  organise and develop an individualised plan to reach your goals. Learn skills as you need them to suit your stage of your creative journey. 

We can work together in personal and individual sessions by empowering you in understanding your own abilities and desires to gain the confidence to fulfill your potential in life.

Learn more by getting in touch today!

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