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Creative Traveller and living an extraordinary creative life!
I started Creative Traveller as a curious creative adventurer driven by a passion for art and exploration. Having studied art in high school and at art school in Australia I always wanted to be artist and trained as an Art and ESL teacher and have spent three decades working in the creative industries in Australia and overseas .

My desire to travel and create art and interest in art from different cultures led me travelling to over 15 countries around the world and  on inspiring journeys to teaching in China, ultimately to Peru, where I followed my heart and started my relationship with my now husband in a house of Peruvian street children. working and living in and co-founding Drik Picture Library in Bangladesh.

I now live in the serene beauty of the Blue Mountains World Heritage in Australia,
I am a life long learner as a creative entrepreneur,  arts educator,  printmaker, ceramicist, eco artist and wellness and sustainability advocate . I don't believe in limiting beliefs of who we are, what we are capable of being and becoming exploring the multifaceted aspects of being ME!

My mission is to integrate these passions into a unique and fulfilling creative lifestyle, aiming to live an extraordinary creative life filled with passion, excitement , energy and inspiration.

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