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Creative Traveller

Transforming people's lives through learning and designing 

to live an extraordinary creative life!

Here at Creative Traveller Enterprises I invite you to join me on a journey to explore how we can bring more creative flow into your everyday life and to learn to design and live an extraordinary creative life!.


Coming on this creative journey will be fun and exciting for the curious and adventurous seeker. Discover reveal insights, build your confidence to get clarity and focus , purpose and priority in your life.

Take this opportunity of self discovery to be truly yourself in finding your passion and purpose in life and finding your creative expression and unique artistic voice. Whether you a creative- professional or emerging artist or someone who wants to explore your creative potential and ideas  or a business or community organisation that wants to learn about how creativity can enhance and benefit our daily lives.

Imagine what it would be like to realise how you can change your life through shifting and cultivating a growth mindset and ways of being and seeing that you never imagined!

This is an exciting way to discover and understand creativity and its different creative manifestations that will help you see yourself, your life, people  and the world differently!  

Come and join me and become a Creative Traveller!

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Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre


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'Xin' -Collage and Mixed Media Artwork by Cheryle Yin Lo

 Become a Creative Traveller

Why I started Creative Traveller?

Since establishing my business in 2018, I realised that Creative Travelling is both a physical and metaphorical idea. Here I will share my adventures of exploring my journey of discovery through life, travel and creative practice.


On my creative journey, I will introduce you to the people, places and experiences that have inspired me in life through my philosophy, reflections and insights.

I have discovered the joy and excitement in my own life and have witnessed the impact these personal experiences can have to transform people's lives by being open to changing to a growth mindset, trust in the process of life and develop self mastery in new habits and ways of seeing, being and creating the life you deserve and often dreamt about..

Creative Traveller supports you to share and discover your dreams and goals. Think how wonderful it would feel to explore those deep desires of creativity in self and artistic expression and shed those emotions of blocks, barriers, fear and judgement.

My vision is to encourage confidence and develop fresh ideas and perspectives and bring real-life solutions to navigating a complex world.

Remember CREATIVITY is contagious , Pass it On! (Albert Einstein)

Creativity is infinite and abundant. You will begin to discover how you can design and create a different world that leaves you in AWE every day and so join me to learn to design and LIVE an extraordinary creative life !

Dr Cheryle Yin Lo

Creative Mentor and Transformational Life Design Coach

Cultural Consultant

Director Creative Traveller Enterprises


Mobile: 0407409445

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Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.

Albert Einstein

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

Edward de Bono

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Creative Traveller-Portrait of Creative Mentor and Transformational Coach -Cheryle Yin Lo

About the Founder & Director
Creative Traveller 
Dr. Cheryle Yin Lo

Transforming lives to lean to design and live an extraordinary creative life!

Artist, Creative Mentor & Transformational Life Design Coach,

Cultural Strategist and Creative Wellness Advocate


Dr. Cheryle Yin Lo is the Director of Creative Traveller Enterprises which she established in 2018. Up until Year 12 at high school she studied ceramics and art. She graduated from Sydney College of the Arts in photography and printmaking in the 80's. She then trained as a secondary art and ESL teacher. She has a Graduate Diploma in Arts Management and Asian Studies.

After returning to Australia from working overseas in China, Peru and Bangladesh she co-co-founded Cultural ConneXions linking people, communities and culture through cross cultural experiences. She co-founded Drik Picture Library in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 1989-1992 with well known social documentary  photographer and political activist, Dr. Shahidul Alam.

Cheryle has worked in the arts and cultural sector for over 30 years in Australia and overseas in various positions in visual and performing arts and in cultural development for ten years in local government.

She has designed and project managed various cultural projects with diverse communities and is a Cultural Strategist and Community Cultural Development specialist. Her experience extends across the business, community, education, environment, health, NGO, government and multicultural sectors. 

​Cheryle is an interdisciplinary artist working in printmaking , photography and ceramics. She exhibits regularly with the Sydney Printmakers in group shows and with Impressed Blue Mountains Printmakers and has been involved in eco arts and sustainable art projects .  

In 2013 she received her work place Doctorate in Cultural Research (WSU) investigating creative arts as a catalyst for community participation and environmental stewardship whilst working for the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute She lives in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area in Australia.

She is the Founder and Director of Creative Traveller Enterprises and as a Creative Mentor and Cultural Consultant helps to transform people's lives through integrating creativity in every day life.

   Learning to Design and Live an Extraordinary Creative Life!

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What people say about working with Creative Traveller

"I had the privilege of working with Cheryle throughout my HSC Visual Arts Major work. 
Cheryle talked me through, supported, and guided me in the practical and conceptual aspects of my work. Her knowledge and insight into the facets of art-making and the socio-cultural aspects I was exploring were fundamental in my own process and development of my work. 
Throughout the entire mentoring process, Cheryle was welcoming, understanding, incredibly helpful, and was the guidance I needed throughout my creative work!

Thank you! "

Hayden, Year 12 art candidate

"Cheryle has lots of ideas & kind words of encouragement. 
I learnt heaps. Mostly, how to describe the art that I'm trying to create & 
how that has value to the community. Her mentoring was very instructional & encouraging.

Thank you for your artistic insights and ability to foster clarity in my work."
April, Creative Producer, composer and flamenco dancer


"The Creative Traveller Vision Board workshop I attended was excellent! Cheryle was very helpful and guided my creativity every step of the way! The workshop gave me the tools to move forward in the best way possible. Cheryle guided my awareness of what brings me joy in my life and avenues to bring my dreams into reality. I now use vision boards to fulfill my dreams. I’m now thinking more outside the box and am able to create beautiful artwork using my photographs".


"I have been a student of Cheryle’s in Printmaking for 2023 and I highly recommend her as a teacher, she is skilled in her art and can transfer those skills and knowledge to the student and inspire them to their creative best".


"Creative Traveller : Passionate, driven and always on the pursuit of best practice. A terrific collaborative experience. Thank you." 

Michael Cohen, City People


I love your work . Thank you for aligning me with creativity again. Through your workshop I felt lots of layers were lifted and coming to light. I felt it physically, mentally and spiritually. I had some new realisations and creative ideas. Working with you was a special gift with love, care and understanding , shared stories , check ins and working in a friendly and a culturally safe atmosphere. I had a great breakthrough!”

Aboriginal grandmother

Creative Traveller Enterprises- Testimonials and What My Clients Say

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